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10 Kinds Avoid Compulsory Type Password

passLoginDC December 2009 A month security firm to analyze 32 million passwords are leaked and exposed at RockYou hacking sites. A hacker managed to break into a company database site, and gain access to accounts that are not encrypted and their 32 million passwords.

From the results of that analysis to get a list of passwords that must be avoided. After studying these accounts, Imperva make a list of the most common password used on the web and menyarakankan to avoid.

A very serious problem in the last 20 years. Now is the time for each person to create a password security seriously, a very important step in data security. Everyone should understand that the combination of a weak password attack will mean the virtual world, with minimal effort a hacker can gain access to one new account every second, or approximately 1000 accounts for every 17 minutes.

Where to ten (10) types of commonly used passwords and user accounts analyzed by the study Imperva is 123456, 12345, 123,456,789, password, iloveyou, princess, RockYou, 1,234,567, 12,345,678 and ABC123.

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