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VALENTINE'S DAY, Not Valentines Day

valsdy Entering early February of the mass media, whether it's television, magazines, newspapers, radio, advertisements, banners, and various other media campaigns for beauty welcome to Valentine's Day. They, with all interests to promote Valentine's Day events with a myriad of trinkets-perniknya. Various places such luxury hotels, entertainment venues, and tourist attractions also take advantage of other opportunities, the artist who became an idol even among teenagers appear to attract attention.

The question, really it was Valentine's Day Valentine's Day is promoted as certain parties sympathetic to invite teenagers, including Muslim youth? Apparently not. "Valentine's Day, not the day of love, but Valentine's Day is a day of 'cohabitation'," said Drs. Dahlan Thahiri Basri, Lc, MA, chairman of Majlis Fatwa Islamic Da'wah Council of Indonesia.

Explained, this celebration ceremony began with the belief that the Romans carried out every February 15 is given the name Lupercalia. On that day, the young men and women together into a single, teenage girls write their names, after it entered into the box. Once complete the names of teenage girls who attended the event were entered into the box, teenage boys draw these names, so a woman out, she immediately becomes the property mengundinya teenage boy. Then, they live together in pairs with each other. They are free to do whatever, including in the sex between them.

Later, when Christianity became the state religion in Rome, the Roman rulers and the Roman Catholic religious figures such as Emperor Konstantine and Pope Gregory I, adopted this Lupercalia ceremonies and color it with shades of Christianity, such as changing the names of the girls with the names of the Pope or Pastor . Finally, in 496 AD, that the ceremony was much closer to Christian teachings, Pope Gelasius I made this ancient ceremony to Romowi day celebration of the church with the name of Saint Valentine's Day in honor of St.. Valentine who happened on February 14, sentenced to death and is regarded as a hero for Christians at the time.

From this historical journey should be an understanding of Islamic youth, Dahlan added Basri, that Valentine's Day, not the day of love, as recently popularized. But, Valentine's nothing else, the ceremony started with a belief that the Romans filled with 'cohabitation' between the members of the couple.

Then when the ceremony was adopted into Valentine's Day, and even then nothing else is meant to honor and appreciate their Christian leaders when it idolakan, which is none other than a named St. Valentine.

It's Valentine's Day still loved the youth, including youth of Islam, but with proselytizing zeal we must remind them, at least to parents, to keep their children in order not to lapse into un-Islamic activities it. (Oma)


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