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Nokia C3 Threatens China Cheap Mobile Qwerty

nokia_c3_front_gold1 Local phone vendor must prepare, inexpensive mainstay Qwerty Nokia soon to come.

After several years experienced a decline in global market share, the Finnish mobile phone vendor, Nokia, tried to get up with various strategies. Among the present low berbujet Anyar Qwerty phone.

Recently, Nokia launched three new mobile phones in India, namely Nokia C3, C6 Motorola, and Nokia E5. However, phones that have seized the attention of many people is the Nokia C3, which is a full Qwerty Nokia's first mobile phone running on Symbian S40 platforms.

In India, this phone dibanderol only around Rp 1 million. Though design and features of the phone is arguably quite weighty. It looks like the Nokia E73 with the corners of a slightly more rounded.

Though cheap, 2G mobile phone is also equipped with various features mainstay, namely 2-megapixel camera, WebKit and Opera Mini browser, Bluetooth 2.1, and WiFi connectivity 802.11 b / g that is not provided by phone classmates besutan Samsung : Corby TXT.

The internal memory is also slightly larger than 55MB Corby ie, with a microSD slot up to 8 GB. Nokia C3 is also designed to prioritize the use of messaging and social networking.

He provides one-button access to email or chat via Nokia Messaging. For the SMS feature, the Nokia show like model chat, so the context of previous messages remain visible.

Another convenience, users can post a status or upload photos to social networks with ease. At once can always monitor alerts and updates from social networking peers enough through the main screen (home screen).

Not only able to record images and video, mobile sailed 2.4 inches (262 thousand colors), it also can play FM radio. With Cell Phone Battery 1320 mAh, C3 claimed could hold up to 20 days standby, and hold up to 7 hours of talk. Of course, the presence of this phone would threaten the local phone (China).

During this time, the local mobile phone vendors have been successful indeed eroded the market share of Nokia and other branded phones, Qwerty form capitalize format and low prices. It is estimated local phones has now captured about 20-30 percent share of the local phone market.

With a starting price tag of 500 thousand - 1.5 million, local phones rely on the ability to run two mobile numbers at once, as well as a similar view-similar to the phone model BlackBerry or Nokia E series is more valuable premium.

When Nokia will membanderol C3 approximately USD 1 million-an, almost certainly going to suck most of the local phone customers. Moreover, this time Nokia also has reduced other bestselling Qwerty, Nokia E63, the price of USD 2 million to Rp 1.65 million only.

Not to mention, in the third quarter will also be throwing Nokia Nokia E5-5 MP camera HSDPA Qwerty - to the market, in the range of Rp 2 million (twice the price of C3).

What happened in Indonesia, also occurs in India. According Livemint.com. current local phone vendor (China-ed) in India controlling approximately 17.5 percent of market share.

"There are elements of the reaction at the launch of this new phone, but is actually more a strategic move us to enrich our mobile features to provide more than just the voice alone," said Anssi Vanjoki, Executive Vice President of Nokia, quoted from Livemint.

While Managing Director of Nokia India D. Shivakumar said that Nokia does have the ability to affect competition in the market. "Consumers do not see the price. They will be looking for brands, reliability, innovation, service and satisfaction form factor phones, "said Shivakumar. Of course, step Nokia is also not only affected local Qwerty cell phone vendor. But also, could trigger another major players such as Samsung, LG, and others, to further enliven the fight on this low-cost segment of Qwerty. ( source )

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