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10 Mistakes Job Application Files

Job Applications Resume or job application file should contain everything about yourself and your strengths. It should be made with a concise, easy to read, easy to understand, and highlight the reasons why you should be selected to occupy a job that you want to go. Before being sent, you have to read over and over again to make sure that it is quite appropriate and tell us about yourself. You may take hours to prepare your resume, but the interviewer may just need a few minutes to read it. When there is an error, no hesitate to pass your resume.

Make sure your resume is read and not blown away because there are common mistakes that could have been avoided. Here are some common mistakes you can avoid:
A. Does not include the cover letter resume
Job application letter (not a curriculum vitae) of significant value when processing the reading of his job application. Many companies that directly remove file job applications that do not include the cover letter. Make sure you write a summary of the history yourself with the right of the cover letter. Describe your qualifications, the distance between work time far enough, and other information if required by the company you want to go.

2. Think it reasonable that a typo
In a survey conducted to the human resources department (HRD), the most common mistakes they see in resumes is typos or often called a "typo". Do not hesitate to ask someone else to read the file back to your job application to ensure no errors, especially if you send your application in English or another language that you have not actually mastered.

3. Too generic
There are many examples of writing a cover letter that you can work an example. However, so generally, sometimes the readers of the job application letter to be memorized pattern. Well, make sure you write effective job applications with the position you want to go. Create your job application letter is personal and does not look like you are half-heartedly proposed. Moreover, it tucked company names that you've never tried to send an application. Uh, be sure your file straight away.

4. Focusing on the task, not the end result
Rather than write a list of assignments that once you do, you better write down what ever results you get and how it helps the company. Example, if you've managed to contribute to the company's revenue while achieving the highest earnings in the history of the program you created, then where you are applying for will be very interested in you.

5. Selfish objective
The job seekers will try to see if you are good candidates for positions in their institutions, so, whatever is in your resume should refer to the experience and success. Summary of qualifications that tell about your success will be more effective than a generic statement of your goals.

6. Resume format of the "flowery"
Of course, the use of pink paper and use a large-small letters with different colors will make the file your application look different and stand out, but not in the sense that good. Get used to write a resume using the paper and the standard fonts. Use font type Arial or Times New Roman, black on white paper.

7. One graft degree and date
One of the mistakes that often caught the error on the inclusion of a degree. There are so excited, this title is already listed at the time he sent the application, when graduation or graduation will be held next month. Forcing it can make you look like a "lie".

8. Reasons to go from the old office
Do not put anything negative tone in your resume (as well as job interviews). If you leave your old position because of downsizing or being fired, should reveal it only if asked.

9. Include too much personal information
If you do not have anything to do with your career, do not put your personal activities. So even with the height or weight (unless it is requested), in the field of religious affiliation, sexual orientation, like fishing, or anything that might turn out to judge you.

10. Too long
If there are jobs in the past are no longer relevant to your career, you should not have listed. The length of the page resume is recommended no more than 2 pages. So make sure you include things that are relevant. HRD managers, in a survey conducted by CareerBuilder, 21 percent of respondents said a longer resume than two pages too long, boring, and a lot of harm. ( kompas.com )

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